Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A New 'Fav' to Add to My List!

I stopped by Ann Wood this morning to check out her 'Daily Bird' :) - to find that she will be out a bit. In addition, she left a link to check out. Boy am I glad she did!! She linked to Laura Normadin's new blog.

She has beautiful handcrafted goods including crocheted bracelets, hairpins, unique cards and tags, incredible handmade dolls made to order and the cutest elephants that brought back memories of a fun patchwork doggie I had when I was little.

Laura's items are whimsical and have a fun twist on a traditional craft. She's made it into my bookmarks and list of 'favs'. Take a moment to stop by and see for yourself. I dare you to leave without something in the shopping cart!

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jdoriot said...

Uh..Ruth...you are a dirtbag for posting this link! lol!! I can see myself spending a pretty large chunk of change at this place! Wonderful items...I love the hair pins!
Thanks...I guess! lol!!

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