Thursday, May 24, 2007

Must Have

OK - I am NOT getting paid for this .... but I am going to plug the Little Tykes Ultimate Beach Ball Sprinkler like there's no tomorrow. What a GREAT idea. We picked on up at Target today - INSTANT FUN - in that all you have to do is blow it up and attach it to the hose. Moo and Loula Bell had fun playing for hours this afternoon. You can set the water pressure as high or low as you want, and they can push it and roll it around the yard - there are no sprinklers to step on or trip over. I LOVE it - can you tell? The spray is light - so no one gets a major swirly, and when you're finished, unhook it, and deflate or store. LOVELY!!!!

We got ours at Target for $9.99 - Little Tykes has theirs listed at $14.99 Amazon has theirs listed for $18.99 - what's up with that?! I'm sure Walmart is competitive with Target if you haven't the big bulls eye in your area! :) Well worth the money spent in my opinion!


Heather said...

Looks interesting! I might have to look for it!

jdoriot said...

I must have this! See how bad you are for me??? First you send me to Wren Handmade...then you teach me how to make Watermelon cocktails...and now you are forcing me to go by this cool sprinkler! Sheesh! lol!!

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