Friday, May 18, 2007

Shakey Egg

That's how I'm feeling right now. Frugality won this morning at the grocery store as I passed up my normal can of decaf coffee. See where this is going? J is Caffeine dependent. I am not. I haven't had a significant amount of caffeine since finding out I was pregnant with 'Moo'. She is now 18 months old.

Why did I stay off caffeine? It was VERY hard getting off and once there, I liked it. I liked the fact that my body wasn't dependent on something - whether I felt the benefits or not. I liked that I wanted a cup of coffee in the morning because I ENJOYED it and didn't NEED it. On the occasion I did partake in something containing caffeine (IE, J's coffee or a badly craved McDonald's fountain Coke) I've often found myself a tad shaky and the mere feeling alone has kept me away.

So why was I willing to pass the coffee aisle this morning? I'm cheap - lol. J is going away on business next week so I was doing the grocery shopping for the girls and I while he was away. We go through significantly less food when he is away, and I told myself that I would hide the money we saved for that week away in a sock for a rainy day (or better yet, my gardening kitty :) ).

So as I did walk away with a little loot left in my purse, I was forced to drink J's coffee when I got home, because I DO crave the yummy morning ritual I've gotten so used to and on this cloudy rainy day, it was almost impossible to pass up. How did it go? Note the sentence previous and note it's hideous run-on state :) - THAT is how I feel. lol Like my mind has been on run on mode all day. Lucky there is spell check, otherwise you would really get a taste of my current circumstance in an unedited version!! :) Someone stop the ride. I wanna get off! I'm thinking I'll forgo my extra geraniums this year, and invest in a can of decaf coffee for the week! :)

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