Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

This week, I've been working on creating my own personal blog. We will continue to maintain our family blog, but I've wanted to create one for me - a woman, mommy and wife, that doesn't necessarily include the detailed ins and outs to our days that we provide to keep out of state friends and families up-to-date (that was our family blogs original intent to begin with). And so, Thyen Table for One was created :).

My tackle isn't my blog - it is taking care of some of the other 'things' that I put aside yesterday while I organized my new blog. So - TODAY, my tackle is getting things back in order:
  • organize playroom
  • clear off desk
  • clear off dining table
I'm also including a Mr. Linky below - WHY? Check out the info regarding a certain give-away in the post below this :) - enter to win - win what? Check out the details in the post Gotta Have a Little Fun. Did I mention be sure to enter to win?! :)

Happy tackling everyone!!!


on the Rock said...

It's a cute blog! Happy tackling:)

tegdirb92 said...

Great job! Happy Tuesday!

Scrapping Servant said...

Hello Ruth, thanks for the compliments on my tackle, and thanks for inviting me, but I would much rather let others win, I do not want to take on an more stuff until I feel room for it :o)

p.s. the nice weather did help, but now I will be stuck inside tackling some scrapping for my client.

MorningSong said...

I am enjoying your blog as you can see! Glad I found you! Be blessed!!

Atasha said...

Your page is beautiful. The flowers really made me smile today!

Let's not talk about my dinning room table or my desk. It's a disaster at the moment. I'll stop by later to read some more. My son is misbehaving at the moment :-(

Happy Tuesday and thanks for stopping by!

RaesMom said...

Beautiful layout for your new blog. That last tackle bake cookies sounds like a good idea!

Linda said...

Your blog is beautiful, and I love the piece about simple pleasures. The bottom part has been on my mind lately. Thank you.


org junkie said...

Thanks for stopping by my site. I see that you are having a contest too...woohoo...I love contests!


Jennifer Sprague, All Natural Mommies said...

Very cute blog! I am excited to come back!

Heather P. said...


madridmom said...

I've also decided to delve into creating a new blog that is separate from the ministry one I write to keep family, friends, and supporters up to date on our lives. You've done so much more on yours than I have so far. Looks great!

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