Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I'm feeling more than a tad behind from the long holiday weekend! J came home from a week long business trip LATE last Thursday night and it seems since then, all routine and order went to pot - until today - when J returned to the office and we returned to reality of our weekly events :). My tackle today - to return all of the 'things' we used this weekend that were so conveniently dropped in our back porch away - and then, my next tackle, is to remind myself ALL DAY, that it is indeed TUESDAY, not Monday! :)

REMEMBER - To mark my FIRST WEEK at my table for one :) - I thought it would be fun to have a little contest.

One of the things that I've enjoyed the past few months are participating in Meme's - namely, Menu Plan Monday, Tackle it Tuesday and Wordless Wednesday. Here's what I came up with. Stop by over the course of the next week, take a gander at my Meme posts and be sure to sign the Mr. Linky or leave a comment at each post (Menu Monday, Tackle it Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday) - that will enter you to win the following (each corresponding to the Meme topic)

Menu Monday is sponsored by I'm an Organized Junkie

I saw this book at 5 Minutes for Moms - it looks like a great resource. Tack it Tuesdays is sponsored by 5 Minutes for Moms (see link and button to the right :)).

Chance to enter will end May 30th at Midnight - winners will be drawn bright and early via Mr. Linky bright and early May 31st.

There are no sponsors to this little fun - other than my hubby who brings in the moola each week :) - but I thought it would be fun (as well as a shameless plug) to offer an incentive to visit - and hopefully, make some new blogging friends. I've bookmarked and linked to so many other mommy blogs - I've learned a lot and laughed a lot. Visiting is a great break in my day - hopefully you will feel the same with Table for One :). Things are a little unorganized right now - but I hope to have things up and organized within the month so please be sure to drop a note and stop back from time to time!!! Who knows what you might find!!


jdoriot said...

Hi there! You've got a nice blog here! Thanks for visiting me!! I'm going to post about your contest at my main blog and also at Jenny Jumps In! I love a contest!!

MorningSong said...

I agree whole-heartedly!! I kept thinking today was Monday too! That just means Saturday will be quick upon us this week.

I should have added get back to normal to my list too! haha

devildogwife said...

lol! I had that type of week last week. I couldn't keep track of the days for the life of me.

Cindy said...

That always messes me up for the whole week when Monday is a holiday. At least it was a good 3 day weekend though!

jdoriot said...

I've linked you from both Up the Hill Gang and Jenny Jumps In! I think this is a great contest...you are so generous with your prizes! And btw, I think your blog looks pretty organized to me!

Dawn said...

I agree, the week is all messed up because of the holiday, but the good news is the week will go by faster. I can't believe the week is almost half over already. Your contests are really fun.

Lisa Knight said...

Thanks for the visit! I am having a hard time with the day...It is Wed right??? sometimes long weekends suck (like when they are over!)

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