Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Where oh where do I start?!

It seems it hits me the same time each year - the need or rather DESIRE to 'upgrade' our home appliances - there must be something in the clean, crisp autumn air that inspires me :). While there is nothing physically wrong with our current appliances, one can dream can't she!? I like to think I'm just getting 'prepared' for when the time comes. With that said, I happened across a VERY helpful site - that provides reviews of household goods among other things. Today, my appliance of choice, was The Washing Machine.

The folks at have taken all the footwork - or 'clickwork' I should say of roaming the internet for reliable reviews. The variety of appliances were unreal - over seven full pages of individual reviews and detail to review. To add to my surprise, were the number of reviews provided - honest to goodness reviews from folks like me :). If you can believe it, one appliance held over ONE HUNDRED REVIEWS!!!

Their site provides excellent detail of the items and allow you to sort by Relevance, Price and 'WizeRank'. They preview all the top brands ... and then some .. and the best part, their site so so incredibly easy to use, even a busy Mommy like me can get in and out without any problems, and pick up where I left off if I'm called away from the computer. They even sort by Best Value, Energy Star Rated and Noise - honestly, the top three requirements on my list!

I LOVE, because I'm not forced to try to remember what site I was on when I read about this, or what was said on that. It's a one stop preview to my shop. When I'm going to drop a load of money, I need to do my homework. provides everything I need to take the first step. Thanks guys!

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