Sunday, May 20, 2007

Get Paid to Write? Gotta give it a try!

I've been blogging at our family blog for a little over a year. Originally, our blog was intended as a portal to keep up with friends and family after moving out-of-state.

The blogging universe is an incredible thing!! Not only have reaped the benefits of the blogging community, I've also learned that I really like to write. And that, is what this post is about.

After linking to a blog of a mom I haven't yet met via a link from another (and another and another you get the idea), I found out about a great opportunity online that would actually pay for the services of my blogging! :) Hmmmmmm.

So I checked it out, and headed over to Blogsvertise to see what it was all about. Here's how it works. After you are approved, they will send you a site to visit. You have the opportunity to check it out later you write about it. You can write about it any way you like - a review of the site - incorporate it into a story - positive or negative - it's up to you. The only thing they really require is to write at least 50-60 words and link to the site three times in your post.

After you've had a chance to write about it, you submit your work for approval and if it is approved and still posted in 30 days Blogvertise pays you $10 to your Paypal account. I can give that a try!!! I've registered and I'm waiting. Who thought I could get paid for my two favorite past times - writing and blogging!

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